That is why our actions are not based on chance.

First we scrupulously analyze the present situation, and only then we choose the most adequate strategies.

This means we focus on measurable results – the result, which You will achieve with us.



Advertising in Social Media

Do not ignore the strength of social media – they are the talk of everybody! We know that Social Media are not just about Facebook. That's why we will carry out for You campaigns in services such as: YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Spotify. We will find the right target group for You, and reach out to it – wherever it is.


Organic positioning

Today most people's basic source of knowledge is Google. As many as 70% of them choose organic results. They generate a significantly bigger conversion than users acquired through advertisements. Let us help Your customers find what they need – Your brand.


AdWords ads in Internet

Paid traffic in search engine brings instant results. Using advanced tools and scrupulous analysis we optimize every campaign in real time, to make it achieve the best results.


Modern purchase of advertisements

Model of purchasing space in the RTB (real time bidding) system is currently the most effective form of advertising. Thanks to robust abilities of targeting and automatic auction we will find for You the advertising space, that will bring You the best profits.


and partnership programs

We will help You achieve Your intended goals thanks to reliable and professional affiliation networks. Our specialists will prepare for You an individual program, that will let You reach Your expected results in the most efficient way.

E-mail marketing

Personalized e-mails

E-mail marketing is still one of the most efficient forms of advertising. With us You will reach Your recipients quickly and efficiently. By optimizing Your campaign we will keep achieving better and better results.

Mobile Ads

Ads on smartphone or tablet

Almost half of Internet users cannot imagine their life without a smartphone. Only a few advertisers actively use this form of promotion. That's why mobile advertising brings such good results. We will use this potential for You, and make Your advertisements reach Your customers.

Marketing Automation

Automatic management of user communication

We have a proprietary platform that automatically gathers all of the user's data from his activity in the Internet and the social media. This keeps us fully informed about the actions, lifestyle and shopping preferences of Your target group. With such knowledge we can directly reach the persons that are initially interested in Your product.

We work for Your results!

That's why we dedicate all of our time to developing efficient strategies and reaching intended goals.

See the companies that have trusted us:

" Thanks to the tools used by the agency, such as remarketing on Facebook and in Google network, as well as efficient e-mail marketing we have recorded a significant participation of customers acquired through these channels among the people buying our products. This has allowed us to diversify our sources of purchase and increase our brand recognizability among the target group."

"We can surely recommend the company click performance
– professional and very pleasant handling of advertising campaigns is guaranteed."

"click performance has carried out for us an efficient, personalized mailing service, informing our customers about what's new and the promotions in our shop . (...) Their actions have spurred an increase in traffic in our internet shop."


We will help You reach Your goal.

Paweł Jóźwik

General Performance Manager

Rahim Blak


Sebastian Połeć

SEA Specialist

Piotr Kosoń

SEA Manager

Daniel Habura

New Business Director

Hubert Wittek

New Business Specialist

Justyna Woźniak

HR Specialist

Rafał Paciorek

Head of Administration & Finance


We start our work with a scrupulous analysis of Your company, the competition and the target group.

We check, how did You do advertising before now and what were the results.

We will examine, what phrases did Your competition use to position themselves and analyze the internet habits of Your target group.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Daniel is already on his way to meet with you!


Are You interested in cooperation?

Or maybe You just want to talk?

Go ahead and ask us a few question or stop by the office for a cup of coffee!

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